“…an intelligent use of technology.”

LymphTracker™ is the first-ever app available on iPhone and iPad dedicated to the lymphedema patient. What makes LymphTracker™ so unique, so forward thinking is that it provides a tool for patient self monitoring of a preexisting swelling or to verify the signs of a first-ever swelling. With this powerful tool patients can easily record measurements at home or in the clinic under the supervision of a Certified Lymphedema Therapist.


Since the future of lymphedema management (as verified by multiple studies) will rely heavily upon early intervention to mitigate and reverse even the slightest limb changes, LymphTracker™ empowers patients and clinicians to be evermore proactive in one simple method of ongoing, early surveillance.  At a recent international conference where LymphTracker™  was released to the public, knowledgeable clinicians immediately embraced the concept, calling it “an exciting step forward”“a long overdue and intelligent use of technology” and “a must-have for all patients and clinicians”.


As you explore the app we invite your participation providing feedback towards the refinement of coming LymphTracker™ updates.  Also please inform your network of the recent release of LymphTracker™  so it reaches more patients and clinicians who will recognize its value.

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